Playtesting Card Games on Boardgame Lab

31 May 2020

Following last month’s update on prototyping , this month was spent adding some basic playtesting features. Most card games should now be playable.


Going online is a simple click away. Once you set the table to “Live”, you can share a URL to have anyone join (without needing to sign up).


This mode doesn’t start a game. It merely allows other players to interact with objects on your table, including the ability to have private player hands. Players can fluidly join and leave as long as your table remains live.

This is useful in the early stages of your game design when you don’t have much rule structure and you’re just experimenting with ideas.

Mobile Optimized

All the features above work on mobile devices with tiny screens. One of the design principles of Boardgame Lab is to have it be extremely lightweight (without sacrificing interactivity). This allows it to be used on all platforms without requiring players to install any software.


What’s Coming Next

You’ll start to see some turn management and general automation features in coming releases. This will eventually grow into proper enforcement of the game rules. The other area that will expand is the types of components that you can create (hex tiles, game boards and more).

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