Prototyping Tabletop Games on Boardgame Lab

30 April 2020

And we’re off! April was the first month of development on Boardgame Lab. It was spent working on an in-browser prototyping editor that allows quickly generating lots of components by connecting Data and Layouts.

You can create spots in a layout that are subsequently filled in with data from a spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly create new components by just adding new rows to the spreadsheet. This feature is often called Data Merge in other layout editing tools (for example, Adobe InDesign).

The editor also comes bundled with a library of stock images and icons that you can use before you have custom art for your game. This is very helpful in the early stages of your design because visuals can aid in playtesting greatly.

asset library

The components that you create can be dragged around on a virtual table currently. The next month will be spent adding features to enable multiplayer interactions while continuing to iterate on the editor.

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