Visual Scripting

30 April 2021

Scripting without writing code.

Boardgame Lab as an alternative to Tabletop Simulator

30 Mar 2021

A comparison with another tool that we enjoy.

Interactive Documentation

28 Feb 2021

Our new documentation website is live! It's also interactive.

Rich Text Editing

28 Feb 2021

Bold / Italic and the usual stuff. The main thing that this enables, however, is the ability to insert properties inside a text field using an @mention syntax rather than having to connect the entire text field to a proprety.

Repeating Images

31 Nov 2020

Images can now be repeated. What's more, the number of repetitions can be controlled by a property, allowing a variable number of images depending on an attribute of the object.

Layers and Traits

31 Oct 2020

The layout editor now supports layers, just like Photoshop or Inkscape. The layers splay when you hover over the layer panel, allowing easy inspection of the contents of individual layers.

Turn Management

31 Aug 2020

Turn Management allows you to keep track of whose turn it is at any given time. Enabling it also ensures that only the active player is allowed to make moves during a turn.

Playtesting Improvements

31 July 2020

This month's update features quality of life improvements to the playtesting areas of the platform.

Automation without Writing Code

30 June 2020

This month we introduce the first automation feature: the ability to add custom behaviors to objects by just "recording" them.

Playtesting Card Games

31 May 2020

Following last month's update on prototyping , this month was spent adding some basic playtesting features. Most card games should now be playable.

Prototyping Tabletop Games

30 April 2020

And we're off! April was the first month of development on Boardgame Lab . It was spent working on an in-browser prototyping editor that allows quickly generating lots of components by connecting Data and Layouts.